Mobility Africa Energy’s Subsidiary GasnOw is an emerging giant in LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)Supply and Solutions in South Africa and the Region and has been promoting it as an ideal energy alternative in the region for over 10 years.

Safe, reliable, clean, efficient and versatile, LPG plays a growing role in meeting Africa's energy needs, as a modern energy serving millions of people across the region. It is readily available, easily stored and transported, and produces fewer greenhouse gases than any other fossil fuel. In addition, it is better for health and safety than firewood, charcoal or paraffin (kerosene).

LPG has a wide variety of consumer applications, including cooking, heating and lighting in the home.

We make of point of proposing the solution best adapted to each customer's needs, offering various sizes of LPG cylinders, as well as bulk solutions, including home deliveries and on-site management.

As population growth, coupled with economic and social development, continues to increase Africa's energy requirements and heighten the need for greater environmental protection, we are convinced that LPG is an ideal solution.

Gas pression gauge meters on gas pipeline. Gas extraction, production, delivery and supply concept. 3d illustration