Mobility Africa Energy is a South African based integrated Renewable Energy Solutions Provider, Project Developer and an independent utility company driven by a core team of energy and financial specialists with deep expertise in Cutting-edge renewable energy technologies and innovative fin-tech solutions.

Mobility Africa Energy provides clean, affordable independent power solutions to Domestic ,commercial and industrial sector clients and deploys a scalable digital platform capable of monitoring, controlling and optimising power generation plants even in the most remote locations.

At Mobility Africa Energy we have been involved in the Renewable Energy Industry in Africa for 15+ Years and we are now focused on driving the Hydrogen revolution in Southern Africa through spearheading THE PRODUCTION and usage OF GREEN HYDROGEN as a solutions the African economywide decarbonization as we move towards a net-zero future.


Hydrogen (H₂) is increasingly being viewed as an invaluable tool in the fight against climate change. This is partly due to its flexibility. Green hydrogen has the potential to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable forms of energy, particularly as a zero-emissions source of fuel for ocean vessels, buses, cars and trains. At the same time, conventional hydrogen production schemes support current energy models with all their regional variations. Driven by this adaptability, hydrogen is growing in importance across an increasingly broad spectrum of applications and use cases. Advanced hydrogen technologies enabling hydrogen gas to be
efficiently liquefied, transported, stored and dispensed at the point of use will be key to unlocking many of these emerging use cases. Mobility Africa Energy and Partners are the only African consortium to cover every step in the hydrogen value chain from production and processing
through distribution and storage to everyday industrial and consumer applications.
“The hydrogen future is here now. And Mobility Africa Energy can deliver it. The company and its partners covers every link in the hydrogen value chain from source to service. Regardless of whether you want to use hydrogen as a zero-emissions source of fuel, a feedstock gas for industry or a source of heat and power for buildings, we have the technologies and expertise to support your project – every step of the way”