Solar PV

Our Solar solutions are designed provide the best return on investment for the customer’s specific requirements. Mobility Africa Energy provides solar power plants for commercial, industrial and utility scale operations.

Easy to maintain panels and our smart AI inverter interface ensures system optimisation at all times to produce the lowest cost electricity. We offer a variety of finance options tailored to meet customer specific funding needs. At their core our solar solutions help turn the free radiant heat from the sun into significant power savings.

Solar Thermal

While solar PV panels produce electricity, solar thermal panels capture heat, which is then used in air-conditioning, heating and other industrial processes. Mobility Africa Energy is one of the leaders in the region in providing high temperature solar thermal energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sector. The engineering design and applications of our solar thermal solutions significantly reduce electrical power requirements and costs and optimizes the overall use of available thermal and electrical energy.


Bio mass fuelled power generation has become increasingly cost effective especially in remote areas with favourable available crop production. Similar to our gas fired power plant solutions but modified for biogas instead Mobility Africa Energy provides industrial and mining clients in remote or favourable locations with a biomass power alternative on the same utility basis as our other generation options. Our solutions cover a variety of biomass crops as well as waste streams including food processing, municipal solid waste, mill residuals, animal manure, paper and rubber.


Mobility Africa Energy wind power solutions range from single turbine installations to large wind farms. Our modular approach to wind energy projects maximise flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our engineering design incorporates site layout and equipment selection specific to a client site wind profile be it coastal or inland. Included in our offerings are low profile vertical axis turbines that can be deployed on buildings in coastal cities.

Bespoke Energy Storage

Mobility Africa Energy storage systems range from small scale kwh battery solutions to large scale industrial applications up to 100MWh and more. When correctly sized, storage solutions allow for cost effective use of renewable energy such as solar and wind power. A properly designed system provides power at competitive rates to conventional grid-based electricity. Mobility Africa integrates energy storage into its power generation solutions either on a one to one basis for individual clients or on a one to many basis for smart grid shared energy storage.

Heat Recovery and Trigeneration

Our heat recovery solutions range from micro-CHP power plants for small industries to very large plants for heavy industry where heat recovery provides significant reduction in power requirements and costs. Mobility Africa Energy solutions incorporate waste heat from existing processes where possible to further improve overall energy efficiency and significantly reduce usage of grid power. Trigeneration systems exploit waste heat to provide space heating and cooling, hot water and to generate chilled water for refrigeration.

Gas Solar Hybrid

Mobility Africa Energy offers Gas to Power and Gas Solar Hybrid solution through a Virtual Gas network and or where piped gas is available or in close proximity to a client site. A gas-solar hybrid power plant is easily the cheapest form of power and is a viable off-grid solution for anyone wanting complete independence and control over their power requirements. The availability of cheap gas and small-scale gas turbines and engines combined with the falling cost of solar panels enable properly engineered and designed hybrid power generation solutions to be implemented at prices more competitive than grid electricity.

Energy Management

Key to any cost saving energy initiative is integrated AI software that allows predictive analysis and quick response times. This ensures efficient use of all connected energy sources and avoidance of costly penalties by eliminating the need to draw more than the NMD from the grid. All Mobility Africa Energy grid tied power generation solutions incorporate a smart energy demand system. With remote monitoring and a user-friendly dashboard, users are kept informed of the load profile and efficiency of their power generation plant.